QRP (Low Power)

QRP — “Shall I decrease power?” “Decrease power.”

QRP is both a popular technical and operating challenge.  Low power transmitters and transceivers are widely popular construction projects—they can be affordable yet challenging to build.  With power efficient modes like CW and PSK31, an skilled operator can work the globe!  Many operators have qualified for awards like WAS, WAC, and DXCC, with no more than a QRP rig connected to simple wire antennas.

Some active QRP clubs with lots of great information.

Alaska QRP Club The “AK/QRP” Club is dedicated to the enjoyment of low power Amateur Radio operation from the “Great State of Alaska”
Arizona ScQRPions QRP Club It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. To that end the Arizona ScQRPions have modeled themselves after one of the best known and most active QRP groups anywhere. The creation of Jim Cates (SK) (WA6GER) and Doug Hendricks (KI6DS).
Austin QRP Club The A QRP Club is a small group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts who enjoy building, operating and (mostly) talking aboutLow Power radio communications, equipment and systems.
Central Florida QRP Group Small but very active group of QRPers in Florida. They have a regular monthly breakfast meeting at the Cracker Barrel, Sanford, FL. Check out their blog for details of activities
Explorers Radio Club The Explorers Radio Club encourages exploring the world of amateur radio, QRP operations, participation in an annual Field Day event, experimenting with both vintage and modern technology and modes, supporting and promoting DX expeditions, supporting and promoting contesting, and encourage involvement of youth and adults alike.
Fireflies QRP Fireflies QRP is a new QPR-oriented group devoted to operating with low power, typically 5 watts or less. Fireflies QRP embraces the spirit of doing more with less. They encourage building your own equipment, also known as “home-brewing” and learning through experimentation. 
Flying Pigs QRP Club International The Flying Pigs QRP Club International has been around for a little over 10 years now, focusing more on operating and having fun with QRP than any other aspect of the hobby.  No dues, no rules, just fun.
Four State QRP Group Our group is an informal organization with no officers, no rules, no dues or any other things to get in the way of having fun with QRP.
GQRP Club Formed in 1974, the GQRP Club is a non profit organisation run entirely by volunteers to promote Low Power Radio. Whether you have a ham licence or not – everyone is welcome. Our quarterly magazine SPRAT provides a fascinating read containing articles of varying complexity, from simple test equipment, to fully functioning radio transmitters and receivers. Membership fees are about as low as you will find anywhere and our club sales service to members is second to none.
Hawaii-QRP Club The Hawaii QRP Club, Hi-QRP is the creation of Dean Manley, KH6B, on the Big Island [Island of Hawaii, State of Hawaii]. It has 180 members so far.  Yes, Virginia, (and Utah and Oklahoma, etc.) there is QRP in Hawaii. Hawaii (HI) QRP Club was established in 1996 with world headquarters at Hilo, Hawaii on the “Big Island” of Hawaii.  We have no business, no meetings, no dues. We just have fun in the sun. The club sponsors several QRP camping/outings each year. We encourage QRP operation in the Hawaiian Islands and elsewhere. The club call sign is NQ6RP. Information on this club and other QRP clubs are listed in the QRP Column, January 1998 issue of WorldRadio.
Knightlites QRP Club The Knightlites are a group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts who specialize in low power (QRP) operating. By most definitions, QRP means a power level of five watts or less. We chose our name to reflect both the chivalrous ideals of our association and the fact that we transmit with less power than a traditional night light bulb! In keeping with our knightly theme, we address one another with the title “Sir” or “Lady”.
Michigan QRP Club Very active club with regular CW nets on 3535 kHz. Established in 1978 and long term supporters of FDIM (Four Days In May).
New England QRP Club The New England QRP Club invites you to check in to our weekly net, join us at one of our gatherings, build a NEScaf or 79er, work WQ1RP, participate at NewEnglandQRP.org, or simply enjoy your QRP with our 73.
NOGA QRP Club This small, but growing, group of amateur radio enthusiasts, most of whom are within 90 miles (and more)  of Atlanta, are interested in promoting the development of the branch of amateur radio known as QRP – building and operating low power transmitters, receivers and transceivers.
NORTEX QRP Club NORTEX  QRP Club is an informal group of Amateurs who get together to share ideas, stories, technical knowledge and just plain camaraderie in the area of low-power operation and kit building. The North Texas QRP Club (NORTEX  QRP) provides a forum for those who enjoy the thrills and challenges of building and/or operating with low power equipment.
North American QRP CW Club No dues or membership fees – open to any licensed radio amateur or shortwave listener (SWL) worldwide with at least some interest in CW/QRP operation. Encouraging use of CW and helping all hams increase CW speed and proficiency is a top club priority. Club activities are dedicated to QRP/QRPp operation, using CW. Some will also place emphasis on using simple wire antennas.
Russian QRP Club Very friendly club with a wide range of activities. Organisers of several QRP contests and innovative competitions. Their quarterly magazine CQ-QRP is available online to non-members. Use Google Translate to read the website.
St. Louis QRP Society An active club celebrating 25 years QRP fun.
The Colorado QRP Club The Colorado QRP Club, Inc. (CQC) was formed in January, 1994 for the purpose of promoting low power amateur radio in Colorado and around the world