Current Weather Information

The OCAPA has collected weather-related information. This page will refresh every minute, to obtain updated weather information.

Current Convective Watches


Today’s Severe Weather Outlook

Severe Weather

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Today’s Severe Weather Storm Reports

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Central Oklahoma Radar Loop

Central OK

Southwest Oklahoma Radar Loop

SouthWest OK

Northwest Oklahoma Radar Loop

NorthWest OK

Lightning Maps

A great source of real time lighting information is available on the LightningMaps.Orgwebsite. A network of inexpensive lighting detectors have been built, and deployed across the planet. Locally, there’s a sensor at the NWS building, and it is used to help listen for the high frequency tones of lightning, and send this data back to servers in Germany for comparison to the other detectors, across the globe. When 9 sensors agree on the placement of a lightning pulse, its location is sent back to the all of the clients watching the data in real time. What’s amazing is that depending on conditions, for lightning pulses > 2 miles from your location, you’ll probably see a blip on the screen, before you actually hear the thunder.

Spaghetti Models Website

When you just need to overdose on charts, graphs, and weather models, the good people at the website have you covered. Here you’ll find a number of the NWS maps, and a lot of the hurricane models, so you can keep up with the storms as they move through.

Become a Storm Spotter From Home

If you want to learn more about weather, severe weather, and storm spotting, you should take a look at the Become a Storm Spotter From Home website. On this page you’ll find dozens of links that give you a history of storm spotting, the basics of storm spotting, glossaries, cloud catalogs, and a whole lot more. Special thanks to Liam, and his mom for passing this link along!

Gibson Ridge Radar Software

If you’re looking for a better source of real time doppler weather data for your Win PC, take a look at: Gibson Ridge Software. This software displays NWS watches and warnings from across the country, and you can see a number of products from all of the NWS doppler radar units. The only down side is that this software runs about $80. If you use these products, the software is definitely worth it. Also, there’s some volume discounts, so order with a friend and save $5 each!

Storm Spotting

Another storm spotting resource that was sent to me by Carol Briggs from the Kellytown Reading Groups on behalf of Amelia, one of her students. This is a great learning resource for weather information and learning.