OCAPA Leadership

Each year we elect the leadership positions of OCAPA. Officers are elected each year at the September meeting.  The term of office of the officers shall begin at the regular meeting in September and shall be for one (1) year.  Normally, no officer should serve for more than two (2) consecutive years in any one office.  However, the incumbent of an office may voluntarily serve a third consecutive year in the same office upon giving verbal or written notice to the nominating committee.


Office Name email address
President: Duane Angles AA5KD [email protected]
Vice President: Dave Downing WD5G [email protected]
Treasurer: Arni Hagen W5SRO [email protected]
Secretary: Kyle Sloan NQ5M [email protected]

OCAPA Governance

OCAPA is a 501(c)4 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, based in Oklahoma. A copy of the current bylaws is available for your review by clicking here.