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    HT: Yaesu FT-60R
    HF: Elecraft KX3, PX3, KXPA-100 amp
    Antennas: Most often, Chameleon MPAS configured as a sloping wire. Also use 20 & 30m dipoles on occasion in an inverted V configuration.
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  1. OCAPA 19-OCT-2019 Minutes.pdf
  2. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    2019 Results https://contests.arrl.org/ContestResults/2019/Field-Day-2019-FinalQSTResults.pdf http://www.arrl.org/results-database?event_id=113112 3,113 entries, down about 3% from 2018 Almost 1.1 million contacts total during 24-hours, down about 7% from 2018. Over 500,000 phone QSO's (about 46%) 456,000 CW QSO's (about 42%) Over 138,000 digital mode QSO's (about 12%) -- more than double 2018! Class A made up for 41%, with 1,277 entries. Class is club or non-club groups of 3 or more people, operating portable from emergency power. The Oklahoma section had 24 entries. OCAPA submitted 460 QSO's, and a total score including bonuses of 2,908. In Oklahoma, we finished 5th overall. In Oklahoma, we finished 1st in 3A. We finished 122nd out of 309 entries nationwide in 3A.
  3. NQ5M

    OCAPA Christmas Party

    OCAPA Christmas Party Golden Corral 1507 S Sooner Rd Midwest City, OK 73110 NOTE -- This is the new Golden Corral that opened the last week of October.
  4. NQ5M


    Here's a link from Darell WA3OPY on contesting from Tennessee Contest Group http://k4tcg.org/contesting-101/
  5. With the adapter, the range of travel to adjust the angle is vastly improved.
  6. I recently acquired a Kenwood TS-480SAT.... because everybody needs more than one HF radio, right? My goal is to build a clean, easily portable setup for things like Field Day, Route 66 on the Air, and Oklahoma QSO party. Kenwood makes a "sled" (MB-480) that puts the main transceiver body and the detached control head onto a single piece of steel. This is great. Except for one small detail: there isn't enough room between the transceiver and the display if you're using an RT Systems DB-9 to USB cable for rig control. Well, there is enough room so long as you don't want to tilt the display. So I found this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001S2PYTQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 These come in a variety of flavors, so you need to make sure that you are ordering the right connector on the right axis. I need a female to attach to the body, then 90 degrees to a male connector for the project, which is listed above. If you find yourself in need of an adapter, these guys might have the solution.
  7. Anderson Power Poles power rating & wire sizes: PP45 = 10 AWG, 45 amp PP30 = 12-14 AWG, 30 amp PP15 = 16-20 AWG, 15 amp Available from virtually every ham radio supply shop. https://powerwerx.com/anderson-power-powerpole-sb-connectors How to install video from K7AGE:
  8. OCAPA 21-SEP-2019 Minutes.pdfC OCAPA 21-SEP-2019 Minutes.pdf
  9. 1,253 Total QSO's Contacts by mode CW - 190 FT8 - 305 MFSK - 1 PSK31 - 11 SSB - 746 Contacts by band 80m - 114 40m - 690 30m - 2 20m - 445 17m - 2
  10. Looks like 112 different slots were registered to be worked. FT - 49 SSB - 31 CW - 27 PSK31 - 5
  11. Thanks to this year's ops! AA5KD, Duane KB1ZQ, Hal KF5GTX, Robert KG5JST, James N5OHL, Jimmy N5PJ, Perry NE5SD, Steve NQ5M, Kyle W5SRO, Arni W5ZT, Daniel WA1GON, Darryl WA3OPY, Darrell WA9AFM, Tom WD0GTY, Jeff WD5G, Dave
  12. OCAPA 17-AUG-2019 Munutes.pdf
  13. Jeff WD0GTY's trailer at the Route 66 bridge in Bethany. Antenna is a 40m OCFD.
  14. NQ5M

    DX Spotting

    HamAlert by Manuel Kasper
  15. OCAPA 20-JUL-2019.pdf
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