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  1. Well, I'm finally listening to something more than repeaters doing station IDs and telling me what time it is. I believe it's the W5PAAA repeater on 146.985 and it's about 9:12 this Thursday evening. I believe it is a talk net. some of the discussion appears to be about propagation, and someone said something about the international space station holding some sort of Ham event soon. Maybe NQ5M is right and I was just listening at the wrong times of the day This gives me a bit of hope of having someone to talk to
  2. Hi, I'm Charles KE5YFW. I've had my General license since 2008, but I've never used it to transmit in the whole time I've had it and I just renewed a while back. I did the tech and general licenses the same day. I took the Tech course through the FAA group at the police/fire training center and studied the general stuff through online training. I would have tried the extra class the same day, as I had been studying online, but the examiners did not bring the correct forms for the test, I probably would not have passed the extra anyway as I had only been studying for a while, but I was game to try. I was thinking about getting in and getting my feet wet, finally, by getting a little 2 Meter or dual band HT. However II've been looking looking at the waterfall display from 144 to 148 on my little receive only SDR and the activity is underwhelming. I.m wondering if it will even be worth it to get the HT if there are so few people to talk to. Are there bands where there is more activity than 2 Meter or is radio just dying off around Okc? Thanks
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