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  1. Setting up a new system, Yaesu FT-7900 with a dual band J-pole. My cable run will be between 65 and 75 feet long. Looking for suggestions on which coax to use, thinking that RG8 or RG213 would be sufficient with LMR-400 being ideal but overkill. If anyone has any spare cable they would be interested in selling or suggestions let me know please. Thanks Russ
  2. Had a great time last night!
  3. Thanks Dave! I currently have a 5/8 wave 2m/70cm mag mount antenna from years ago when I bought my first two ICOM db’ers, like I said it took some time for me to finally get to pursue this. Picked up a used Yaesu ft-2600 along with a power supply and got everything hooked up in time to tune into the net this evening. Tried checking in four different times on three different power levels from Newcastle, someone heard the last three of my call, but net control could not hear me. Figured out I’m having a mic connection issue and was losing connectivity in the jack, and also appeared to be getting higher than desirable SWR (1.8). I was hoping to get a confirmed contact but enjoyed listening in all the same! Got some work to do this weekend to the base rig and hope to be on the net next week!
  4. W5DIL, so just out of curiosity are you running 1/4 or 1/2 wave antenna?
  5. Finally got my ticket after years of pursuing it and having life obstacles get in the way. Looking forward to learning and gaining more experience and being able to upgrade when the time is right. Currently working on getting my 2M mobile set up, just haven't decided whether to make this one a mobile or a base unit yet. Still considering a dual band for my mobile. Any advice?
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