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  1. WD5G

    Great DX Spotting Software VE3SUN

    It does have the ability to send SMS messages to your phone. Using something like Node-Red and MQQT could be made to do whatever you want. Go to http://www.ve3sun.com/ Search for SMS on that page. Dave
  2. WD5G


    Other than price, there are a lot of factors to consider when you choose your new dual band radio. As John mentioned, do you want just FM capability or do you want to have digital radio capability as well (DMR, Fusion, D-Star, etc.)? Do you want to have cross-band-repeat capability? Do you have to have a removable front panel to facilitate mounting in your vehicle. Do you want to buy new or used? For good coverage in a vehicle, you will want to select at least a 5/8 wavelength. A 1/4 wavelength antenna will work to some extent if you live very close to the repeater you plan to use. If you go with a dual-band radio and antenna, you will want the UHF section to have higher gain than the VHF part. Most mobile antennas offer this higher gain on UHF. The optimal place to install an antenna on a vehicle is the center of the roof. Every other location is a compromise to some extent and will provide an unequal radiation pattern. Mag mounts are okay for temporary use, but are less than ideal. BTW, mobile 1/2 wavelength antennas do exist. They are often used for fiberglass vehicles or motorcycles, as the 1/2 wavelength antennas are less dependent on having a ground plane. Dave de WD5G
  3. Many of you have just received your licenses and are probably looking for some equipment to get on the air with. So here's a list of some of the places we buy equipment from. At this time there are many great discounts being offered by the major radio manufacturers. MTC (Main Trading Company) www.mtcradio.com Gigaparts wwww.gigaparts.com HRO (Ham Radio Outlet) www.hamradio.com DX Engineering www.dxengineering.com Universal Radio www.universal-radio.com Ham Radio Center (aka B&H Sales) http://www.hamradiocenter.biz/ There are also some good places to buy some used equipment from too. Here are some of those places. QRZ www.qrz.com Check the Swapmeet section. Create an account to be able to search. eBay www.ebay.com We will try to add to this list. Any of you can ask us for advice about equipment selection, mounting or installation advice, etc. Dave de WD5G
  4. WD5G


    I just found out that the new 2.x versions of the popular WSJT-X software have designated the FT8 protocol as FT8+. FT8+ uses the 77-bit data payload vs. the old 73 0r 75-bit payload. I found this in the Awards section of the N3FJP logging software. JTAlertX doesn't seem to be logging the FT8+ QSO's at FT8+, but that will probably come before too long. Here's a link to a white paper by Joe Taylor, K1JT, the developer of WSJT-X. http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjt-x_v2.0.txt Dave de WD5G
  5. WD5G

    Chasing Awards - Digital Worked All States

    Kyle, Like we discussed last Saturday, JTAlertX is your friend. It will allow you to select the states you need on a band-by-band basis. It will also provide you an audible alert when something you are looking for is on the air. It's very configurable to do a lot of stunts for you, like automatically logging to external logging programs. Dave de WD5G
  6. WD5G

    APRS Breakfast

    Ths location is to be determined by Mac. The time is usually 0745-0800L. Dave de WD5G
  7. Here is a very helpful guide for programming your radios to use the most common amateur satellites. If you program these frequencies into your radio, you will have a leg up on making things work properly from the start. I recommend you use two radios, along with a duplexer, or use a full-duplex radio to work the FM LEO satellites. The reason is that you really want to be able to hear your signal coming down from the satellite. Hearing your own signal helps you point and rotate your antenna to the optimal position. Two cheap Baofeng HT's will work just fine. An Arrow or Elk antenna will give you the best results, but you can always build your own. Amsat.org has everything you need to get started. The pass prediction on the AMSAT website has a web-based pass prediction calculator to give you all the info on time, AOS, TCA, LOS, etc. Dave de WD5G AO-91 AO-92 Freqs.txt
  8. If you tune your FM radio (HT or mobile) to the ISS downlink frequency of 145.800 you will likely hear a bunch of warbling tones when the ISS passes overhead. If you download and run the Android app Robot36 (free), you will see the images being sent by the ISS. Here's a YouTube video link to see this in operation. No wires are required as the audio from the radio receiver is picked up by the Android device's microphone.
  9. Here's a link to the form you need to fill out to get your Oklahoma Amateur Radio License plates. The initial cost is @12 and it is $9.50 for renewals each year. You still need to keep and update your regular tag. https://www.ok.gov/tax/documents/742-B.pdf Dave de WD5G
  10. On September 24th of this year, the FCC issued an advisory regarding the use and sale of many of the inexpensive imported radios. This notice affects the sale, purchase and use of these radios. You should read this and become aware of its terms. https://www.fcc.gov/document/enforcement-bureau-issues-advisory-two-way-vhfuhf-radios Dave de WD5G
  11. If you're looking for a great DX spotting software package, you might take a look at DX Monitor by VE3SUN. It takes DX spots from several sites and aggregates the information into a single page. It is very configurable and can even control your rig if you want it to. Go to www.ve3sun.com to check it out. Duane and I have been using this for several years now and love it. 73 Dave de WD5G
  12. Someone has what appears to be a DMR hotspot running in the amateur radio satellite frequencies. This station is making the satellites almost unusable due to the jamming effect. Please be sure that you do not transmit in the satellite pass bands unless you are actually trying to work the birds. Please avoid using these frequency ranges for hotspots, etc. 145.8-146.0 or 435-438 By international agreement, these frequency ranges are exclusively reserved for satellite operation. It's always a good idea to consult the ARRL band plan when choosing the frequencies you use to insure you don't interfere with others. Thanks, Dave de WD5G
  13. WD5G

    W5RLW Swapmeet

    The W5RLW swapmeet will be held at 0800 Saturday, 11 August. The location is on 33rd St in Edmund at the water tower. Free coffee, donuts and water will be provided.
  14. WD5G

    Club Meeting

    The OCAPA club meeting is held at 10AM on the third Saturday of each month. The meeting is held at Business Bldg. at Rose State College. The meeting room is located at the West end on the 2nd floor. Many members meet at Jimmy's Egg around 0730 and then proceed to RSC for VE testing.

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