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  1. Tractor supply sells boxes of electric fence plastic insulators for around $12 for 200 of them. They are about 4 inches long. If interested I can show (tell) you how I made 200 ft of open wire feedline. Impedance is about 550 ohms. Labor intensive, but I am retired and work cheap. Doug W5FN (ex N4IJ)
  2. N4IJ


    Here is the CWOPS Club Newsletter to view if interested. It is very well done and has lots of info for any interested in CW, especially learning it with their academy ELMERS. Doug W5FN solid-copy-201812-1-1.pdf
  3. I think I downloaded and ran it once. I don't remember - does it have the ability to send you an e-mail if you set up a filter for a country or callsign? DXWATCH claims to be able to do that but I never have seen it work. DDoug
  4. Merry Christmas to all. I won't be at the xmas party. Too far, too expensive for what you get, and seems like it will be a rush job to get in and out due to other activities in the room later. Again, Merry Christmas, Doug W5FN (N4IJ)
  5. N4IJ


    One step further - why do we need cell phones? To play games on them of course. www.cwops.org has a ton of information on Morse, and offers free (live) classes from beginners, to those that want to learn to increase their proficiency. There is a tab on the website called "CW ACADEMY" with all the goodies. Doug
  6. Antennas - especially homebrewed.. Doug W5FN (ex N4IJ)
  7. Duane - is the xcvr finished yet? I was looking on the web about it and wondered what your experience is if you finished it Doug
  8. One reson for lower points was due to several hours of disconnected antennas due to nasty storms. Doug
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