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2019 Oklahoma QSO Party - Team NQ5M, N5PJ, WD0GTY

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We operated multi-multi from a remote site in Kiowa county, owned by one of Jeff WD0GTY's coworkers.

Jeff's Rig:

  • 80m OCFD antenna, oriented east-west on 28' feet of military mast
  • Kenwood TS-480
  • Bencher Mercury CW Paddles
  • Laptop running N3FJP logging software, K1EL WinKeyer

Perry's Rig:

  • 40m OCFD antenna, oriented north-south attached to the trailer, 28' of military mast
  • Icom IC-7300
  • Bencher Mercury CW Paddles
  • Laptop running N3FJP logging software, K1EL WinKeyer


We drove out to Kiowa county, south of Roosevelt, Friday after lunch and started setting up.  We were able to get the trailer leveled and secured, then started working on setting up antennas.   We drove back into Hobart to eat dinner at Big A burger.  And that's not "BIG A" burger, it's pronounced "BIGGA" burger!

A big concern was the weather.  Friday night had a thunderstorm move through, and some strong winds.  Everything stayed up, but the stand-alone military mast needed the guylines tightened up.  We worked on fried bacon, eggs, toast & coffee, and then got to work on the radio.

The weather on Saturday was awesome!  We left the side door and the rear door of Jeff's trailer open most of the operating session.  The downside was some of local insect population -- including yellowjackets -- were already out and about.  We feasted on fried catfish nuggets and fried potatoes & onions.

Saturday night turned much colder, with another round of wind.

Sunday morning was coffee, biscuit & sausage gravy.  And the task of tearing down in the cold weather and driving winds.


Gate looking toward trailer.jpg


Jeff & Perry setting up the radios

Jeff & Perry setting up.jpg


Jeff checking the 80m OCFD

Jeff checking 80 OCFD.jpg


Jeff likes the catfish nuggets & fried potatoes

Jeff chowing on fish.jpg


Jeff working on an issue with the Winkeyer while Perry works

Jeff helps Perry sort out some PC issue.jpg


Jeff is looking for a clear spot on 40m

Jeff operating.jpg


Jeff's Kenwood station.  The head of the unit is on the table, while the transceiver is on the shelf above.  This was a cool thing, as it saved a lot of table space.  Bencher Mercury key is on the right.

Jeffs station.jpg


Kyle operating Perry's IC-7300.

Kyle & Perry Operating.jpg

More of Kyle on the 7300.  I moved his Bencher Mercury back, and hooked up my N3ZN keys ZN-9Z for the CW work.

Kyle Operating.jpg

My CW has improved enough that Perry can take a break rather than babysitting me 🙂

Perry ignores Kyle.jpg

Perry works to dig a station out of the noise.

Perry operating.jpg


Perry testing the Bencher Mercury with the WinKeyer.

Perry setting up.jpg



Surprised Kyle.jpg


The uneven terrain made antenna setup..... interesting.

Toyota with 80 OCFD.jpg

28' of military mast with a yardarm on Jeff's trailer.  Note that the trailer is level, and the ground ain't so much.

Trailer leveled.jpg

I'm in the back of the trailer, probably running coax or something.

Trailer Setup.jpg

Trailer Side Door open.jpg

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