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I think this answers the question "In this day and age of cell phones why do we need Amateur Radio?"  Obviously it is so we can use Morse Code on our cell phones!  This would certainly help texting, since texting seems to use just the thumbs.  So having to press only the dot or dash key (one for each thumb) would be an advantage.  Let's require all texts to be in Morse, at least for teens.  This would have the added benefit of either keeping them off their phones to start an actual conversation or creating a new group of CW experts for emergency communications.

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One step further - why do we need cell phones?   To play games on them of course.


www.cwops.org   has a ton of information on Morse, and offers free (live)  classes from beginners, to those that want to learn to increase their proficiency.  There is a tab on the website called "CW ACADEMY" with all the goodies.     Doug

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