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I just found out that the new 2.x versions of the popular WSJT-X software have designated the FT8 protocol as FT8+.  FT8+ uses the 77-bit data payload vs. the old 73 0r 75-bit payload.  I found this in the Awards section of the N3FJP logging software.  JTAlertX doesn't seem to be logging the FT8+ QSO's at FT8+, but that will probably come before too long.  Here's a link to a white paper by Joe Taylor, K1JT, the developer of WSJT-X.


Dave de WD5G

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I haven't configured any logging from JTAltertX as of yet.  I'm manually importing the wsjtx_log.adi file into N3FJP after each session, and those QSO's are showing up as FT8.

I'm running WSJT-X version 2.0.0 rc3.

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