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Route 66 On The Air - 2019

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Mark you calendars for 7-15 September for Route 66 On The Air. Once again, we’ll celebrate the legend and lore of Route 66, “The Mother Road”. ‘Route 66 On The Air (R66OTA) is organized and sponsored by the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, California. In Oklahoma, amateur radio clubs in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Elk City will be participating. Oklahoma City has always been well represented in R66OTA.

Oklahoma City will again use the special event call sign W6K.  Steve Duskin, NE5SD is the trustee for the call sign. Use of W6K must be authorized by the trustee through the R66OTA Registration Page. All W6K operations should be conducted in the Oklahoma City Metro area and in the spirit of the event, as close to Route 66 as practical.

To sign up as a R66OTA Radio Operator for Oklahoma City, contact Steve Duskin, NE5SD (ne5sd.steve@gmail.com) or Tom Webb, WA9AFM/5 (wa9afm@arrl.net), or Kyle Sloan, NQ5M (nq5m.kyle@gmail.com).  You will be assigned a username (your call sign) and password to access the R66OTA Registration Page. Besides your name and call sign, please provide a phone and email point of contact in case we need to get in touch with you.  Operating slot reservation instructions will be sent to you after you have been registered as a R66OTA radio operator.

You can ‘reserve’ two hour operating slots by day/time/band/mode. Sign up for as many slots as you can operate. If you sign up to operate, please honor your commitment and operate for the time slots for which you register.

One suggestion from last year is that we need more stations of 40m and 80m to give the closer operators a chance to work us.  I can work 40m, but 80m is probably a stretch for my antenna.

We are still in the process of coordinating permission to operate from Pop's, the Round Barn, Western Heritage Museum (Cowboy Hall of Fame for us more seasoned operators 😉).  More information to follow. 

The bridge at Lake Overholser is public access, but do be aware of the overhead power lines when erecting an antenna.

R66OTA begins at 0000Z/7 September and continues to 2359Z/15 September.

Radio operators may use phone, CW or digital. Radio operators may also consider operating mobile on “The Mother Road”. QSL information is provided in the registration instructions.



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