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  2. https://dilbert.com/search_results?terms=Ham+Radio
  3. SOTA is a lot of fun! There are two roles: activators and chasers. Activators carry their gear to designated mountain peaks. You can work any band, any mode with the exception that you cannot use repeaters to make contacts. However, you can use the repeater to ask people to switch over to a simplex frequency and make contacts! If you make 4 valid contacts, you get to claim the points for the mountain. But you can only claim points for a designated summit once in a calendar year. Chasers usually sit at home, in the comfort of their shack and watch the SOTA spotting website and try to work activators. If you log a valid contact, you get to claim the points for the mountain. CW is very popular, even slow speed. I've worked stations at 8-10 words per minute. And, activators will gladly slow down to your speed. Most exchanges are very basic - signal report and state. 3 digits, 2 letters. CW is very popular because it is much more efficient at low power than SSB. Kyle NQ5M
  4. The CWOPS Newsletter for March 2019 has a very nice writeup of SOTA. Rules, methods, gear, etc etc. Here is the link: https://cwops.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/solid-copy-2019.03.1.pdf Doug W5FN
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  6. The monthly OCAPA club meeting will be held at 1000 at Rose State College. We will meet on the West end of the Business building on the second floor. Dave de WD5G
  7. WD5G

    Green Country Hamfest

    The 2019 Green Country Hamfest will be held in Claremore, OK. Green Country Hamfest Dave de WD5G
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    The 2019 Ozarkcon QRP gathering will be held in Branson, MO on 5 & 6 April. Ozarkcon QRP Dave
  9. We operated multi-multi from a remote site in Kiowa county, owned by one of Jeff WD0GTY's coworkers. Jeff's Rig: 80m OCFD antenna, oriented east-west on 28' feet of military mast Kenwood TS-480 Bencher Mercury CW Paddles Laptop running N3FJP logging software, K1EL WinKeyer Perry's Rig: 40m OCFD antenna, oriented north-south attached to the trailer, 28' of military mast Icom IC-7300 Bencher Mercury CW Paddles Laptop running N3FJP logging software, K1EL WinKeyer We drove out to Kiowa county, south of Roosevelt, Friday after lunch and started setting up. We were able to get the trailer leveled and secured, then started working on setting up antennas. We drove back into Hobart to eat dinner at Big A burger. And that's not "BIG A" burger, it's pronounced "BIGGA" burger! A big concern was the weather. Friday night had a thunderstorm move through, and some strong winds. Everything stayed up, but the stand-alone military mast needed the guylines tightened up. We worked on fried bacon, eggs, toast & coffee, and then got to work on the radio. The weather on Saturday was awesome! We left the side door and the rear door of Jeff's trailer open most of the operating session. The downside was some of local insect population -- including yellowjackets -- were already out and about. We feasted on fried catfish nuggets and fried potatoes & onions. Saturday night turned much colder, with another round of wind. Sunday morning was coffee, biscuit & sausage gravy. And the task of tearing down in the cold weather and driving winds. Jeff & Perry setting up the radios Jeff checking the 80m OCFD Jeff likes the catfish nuggets & fried potatoes Jeff working on an issue with the Winkeyer while Perry works Jeff is looking for a clear spot on 40m Jeff's Kenwood station. The head of the unit is on the table, while the transceiver is on the shelf above. This was a cool thing, as it saved a lot of table space. Bencher Mercury key is on the right. Kyle operating Perry's IC-7300. More of Kyle on the 7300. I moved his Bencher Mercury back, and hooked up my N3ZN keys ZN-9Z for the CW work. My CW has improved enough that Perry can take a break rather than babysitting me 🙂 Perry works to dig a station out of the noise. Perry testing the Bencher Mercury with the WinKeyer. Surprise! The uneven terrain made antenna setup..... interesting. 28' of military mast with a yardarm on Jeff's trailer. Note that the trailer is level, and the ground ain't so much. I'm in the back of the trailer, probably running coax or something.
  10. Captured this image from the Space Station.
  11. OCAPA 16-FEB-2019 Minutes.pdf
  12. Here's a graphic that shows some active satellites you might consider working.
  13. 2019 Skywarn Storm Spotter Training Meteorologists from the National Weather Service in Norman conduct storm spotter training sessions each year to help prepare spotters for the upcoming severe weather season. The NWS conducts the training at the invitation of local emergency management officials who organize the training and who, in most cases are responsible for maintaining their local storm spotter network. If you're interested in being a spotter and are looking for more training materials, visit our "Becoming a Spotter" page - http://www.weather.gov/oun/skywarn-spotter. You can also find training materials on our YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhzMIjoK81fGyAj0gvvZYRjVHEJ9JNJne
  14. http://www.ozarkcon.com/index.php
  15. I've seen a few 3D printed ideas out there, but wasn't sure if Duane had a case in mind yet or not. I have a friend in Sapulpa studying for General, and have thought about buying a uBitX as a "graduation" present for him.
  16. I also have a uBitx kit that is ready to be built, but I don't have the case I want yet. I ordered one and it turned out to be too small. The case you put a link too was one I originally thought about buying, but it was too small. What happens is that many uBitx owners end up tinkering and eventually install other add-on boards that take up space. There is a guy in India that keeps showing great cases that he says will be available soon, but soon doesn't seem to come. Dave de WD5G
  17. Saw today (2/21/19) that one of the common aftermarket cases for the uBitX builds is on sale for $8.99. https://miscdotgeek.com/qrp-bitx40-and-ubitx-case-on-sale/?fbclid=IwAR3enPxSlYh4jeCAO0dWoDdwKt6KSCZhxSFzRefIQgWRc-mBsSjMc7w0qRA
  18. If you are interested in trying out digital voice (D-STAR, Fusion, DMR, etc.) but don't want to make an investment just yet then Peanut may be just the thing for you. Peanut is a free application and service developed by David, PA7LIM, as an expeimental project. That was several months ago and since that time it has grown at a rapid pace. In fact, it sort of caught him off guard. The original version was designed to run on tablets and phones running Android 4.x and above. Now there is a new version that will run on Windows PCs. If you decide to try Peanut out, I suggest you select reflector XRF757A from the pull-down menu on the right side of the application and then click on connect on the left side. Reflector XRF757A is multi-protocol reflector that connects you to D-STAR, DMR and Yaesu System reflectors. This a link to the Peanut website.
  19. OCAPA 19-JAN-2019 Minutes.pdf
  20. NQ5M

    OCAPA Club Meeting

    February club meeting at Rose State. Click HERE for directions. VE testing starts at 9am.
  21. https://www.contestuniversity.com Take a look in the FILES section for presentations from previous years. Tom Webb (WA9AFM) shared one from 2018 "How to Adapt Your DX Contest Strategies for Low Solar Activity" at the club meeting on January 19, 2019. There are numerous presentations & videos for download.
  22. Tractor supply sells boxes of electric fence plastic insulators for around $12 for 200 of them. They are about 4 inches long. If interested I can show (tell) you how I made 200 ft of open wire feedline. Impedance is about 550 ohms. Labor intensive, but I am retired and work cheap. Doug W5FN (ex N4IJ)
  23. NQ5M

    Winter Field Day

    https://www.winterfieldday.com/ Not affiliated with ARRL. This is pretty much like ARRL Field Day, except hosted by a different group with a few different rules. You can participate as a home station on commercial power. You just lose access to lots of bonus points. But if you're playing for fun, looking to make some QSO's toward an award, or maybe thinking about test driving a new operating mode (such as FT8 this year), this might be what you're looking for!
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  26. NQ5M

    FIELD DAY 2019

    THE big radio event of the year! http://www.arrl.org/field-day Rules will not be released until March. Discussion thread in the forums --> CLICK HERE
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