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  2. This was Friday the 13th at Pop's using the Buddipole 20meter vertical.
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  4. Jeff WD0GTY's trailer at the Route 66 bridge in Bethany. Antenna is a 40m OCFD.
  5. The next All Ham Dinner will be held on September 19, 2019, at 6:30 pm. This dinner will be at the Hibachi Supreme Buffet, 1012 W. I-240, (South side of the South service road of I-240) in south Oklahoma City. No RSVP is needed, show up, get your meal, and join the fun in their large north banquet room. The Hibachi Supreme Buffet has a wide range of food that includes, Asian, steak, French fries, Mongolian Buffet, pizza, salads, desserts, Italian, and Greek Gyros. It’s very affordable and there’s something for everyone.
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  7. NQ5M

    DX Spotting

    HamAlert by Manuel Kasper
  8. what is the app name on android so I can get from apknite? On IOS, you might refer to Mocha Telnet Lite.
  9. We meet at Rose State College off SE 15th Street in Midwest city. The meeting is on Rm 200 of the Business Building. Enter from the West side of the building. We also do VE testing at 0900.
  10. We meet at Rose State College off SE 15th Street in Midwest city. The meeting is on Rm 200 of the Business Building. Enter from the West side of the building. We also do VE testing at 0900.
  11. We meet at Rose State College off SE 15th Street in Midwest city. The meeting is on Rm 200 of the Business Building. Enter from the West side of the building. We also do VE testing at 0900.
  12. OCAPA 20-JUL-2019.pdf
  13. If you are thinking about being an activator for SOTA, here are some things you might find helpful. First, the rules from the SOTA website. Click here for a PDF. Read them carefully, then read them again. Fairly straightforward, but understand them and abide by them. Second, a list of the valid SOTA summits in Oklahoma (and all the other states & countries). Click here to visit the website. There are very specific ways that a summit is listed as a valid site for the SOTA program. Not all summits qualify. Some are on private property, so permission is required. Some in Oklahoma are inside the ordnance impact zone at Fort Sill, and will never be activated. In Oklahoma, we have 7 different regions, and 182 different summits ranging from 1 to 10 points. Third, visit this website. You'll find a link to a plug-in called "flood", which allows you to flood the planet to a specific depth. Take the elevation of the summit from the site above (in meters, because that's how the flood tool is written), then subtract 25 from it to get the activation zone. Flood the planet to this depth, and you have a quick & easy representation of the valid activation zone. You don't have to make it all the way to the summit -- in fact, some summits you can't without technical gear. So, the 25 meter rule exists (Rules,
  14. Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/241822646469531/ Mark you calendars for 7-15 September for Route 66 On The Air. Once again, we’ll celebrate the legend and lore of Route 66, “The Mother Road”. ‘Route 66 On The Air (R66OTA) is organized and sponsored by the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, California. In Oklahoma, amateur radio clubs in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Elk City will be participating. Oklahoma City has always been well represented in R66OTA. Oklahoma City will again use the special event call sign W6K. Steve Duskin, NE5SD is the trustee for the call sign. Use of W6K must be authorized by the trustee through the R66OTA Registration Page. All W6K operations should be conducted in the Oklahoma City Metro area and in the spirit of the event, as close to Route 66 as practical. To sign up as a R66OTA Radio Operator for Oklahoma City, contact Steve Duskin, NE5SD (ne5sd.steve@gmail.com) or Tom Webb, WA9AFM/5 (wa9afm@arrl.net), or Kyle Sloan, NQ5M (nq5m.kyle@gmail.com). You will be assigned a username (your call sign) and password to access the R66OTA Registration Page. Besides your name and call sign, please provide a phone and email point of contact in case we need to get in touch with you. Operating slot reservation instructions will be sent to you after you have been registered as a R66OTA radio operator. You can ‘reserve’ two hour operating slots by day/time/band/mode. Sign up for as many slots as you can operate. If you sign up to operate, please honor your commitment and operate for the time slots for which you register. One suggestion from last year is that we need more stations of 40m and 80m to give the closer operators a chance to work us. I can work 40m, but 80m is probably a stretch for my antenna. We are still in the process of coordinating permission to operate from Pop's, the Round Barn, Western Heritage Museum (Cowboy Hall of Fame for us more seasoned operators 😉). More information to follow. The bridge at Lake Overholser is public access, but do be aware of the overhead power lines when erecting an antenna. R66OTA begins at 0000Z/7 September and continues to 2359Z/15 September. Radio operators may use phone, CW or digital. Radio operators may also consider operating mobile on “The Mother Road”. QSL information is provided in the registration instructions.
  15. NQ5M

    Route 66 On The Air

    One of the best ham radio events all year long. Hams from around the world will try to contact all 19 of the Route 66 OTA special event stations, plus 3 different rover stations. You've been in a pileup. Now you can be the guy that the pileup wants! More information coming soon!
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    https://ncjweb.com/naqp/ 1800 UTC August 3 to 0600 UTC August 4, 2019 1300 Central on Saturday; single-op non-assisted can work 10 of the 12 hours of the contest This is a great opportunity to fill in some gaps in your log!
  17. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    I spoke with Tom last night at Ham Holiday. I was surprised to learn that he was running PSK31 and not FT8.
  18. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    One interesting thing Duane brought up at the club meeting on July 20 was that digital logged more QSO's than voice. This is pretty unusual. I'd like to hear more from Tom about what modes he was using to do the heavy lifting.
  19. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    Here's the submission to ARRL HQ by Duane AA5KD: Entry received at: 2019-07-07 04:45:40 Call Used: W5MEL GOTA Station Call: (NONE) ARRL/RAC Section: OK Class: 3A Participants: 30 Club/Group Name: OCAPA Power Source(s): Generator, Battery, Solar Power Multiplier: 2X Preliminary Total Score: 2,908 Bonus Points: 100% emergency power 300 Media Publicity 100 - Documented by fd2019newsrls.doc Public location 100 Public information table 100 - Documented by fd13.jpg Formal message to ARRL SM/SEC 100 - Documented by fd-message.txt W1AW Field Day message 100 - Documented by fd2019bulletin.doc Natural power QSOs completed 100 - Documented by alternate-power.txt Educational activity 100 Safety officer 100 - Documented by fd-safety-checklist.txt Social media 100 Entry submitted via web 50 Total bonus points 1,250 Score Summary: (Cabrillo log/dupe sheet file: W5MEL.log) CW Digital Phone Total Total QSOs 259 110 91 Total Points 518 220 91 829 Claimed Score = (QSO points x power mult) = 1,658 Submitted by: Duane Angles, AA5KD dangles1@cox.net Band/Mode QSO Breakdown: CW Digital Phone QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W) 160m 80m 6 150 0 150 0 150 40m 96 150 7 150 32 150 20m 101 150 103 150 26 150 15m 51 150 0 150 12 150 10m 5 150 0 150 4 150 6m 0 150 0 150 17 150 2m 222 432 Other Satellite GOTA TOTAL 259 110 91
  20. Also, due to "unforseen circumstances" the 13 Colonies website is down. Please see the KU2US page on QRZ.com for info on how to get your certificate if you haven't already.
  21. Just saw the totals posted up for the event: TOTAL CONTACTS: 169,884 (+40,091) TOP STATE: K2A/NY 16,092 TOP CLUB: WM3PEN 7679 Q'S TOP SSB/HP: AB1OC/K2K 6409 TOP SSB/LP: KJ3N/K2E 4219 TOP QRP: W1TEF/K2L 1358 TOP CW: AA3B/K2M 4444 TOP DIGITAL: WV3M/K2M 3002 GB13COL-6492 K2Z-4720 169,884 is a whole ton for 13 (or even 16 if you count the 3 bonus stations). Even if you count it as 16 stations, that's still 10,617 contacts per station. That's pretty insane.
  22. NQ5M

    DX Spotting

    Ham Alert is another good one that Perry N5PJ turned me on to. I find the website is easier for setting up alerts. There's an Android app (not sure about iPhone) that you can use as well. Really flexible for setting alerts. I tried it during the 13 Colonies event, trying to hunt down the last stations I needed. So, alerts for spots for callsign K2Z and mode being CW was easy to setup, and alerts right on my cell phone.
  23. WD5G

    Texoma Hamarama

    Texoma Hamarama is a nice hamfest that is just a couple of hours away from the OKC metro. Here is the link to their website. Web: hamarama.org email: texomahamarama@gmail.com Dave de WD5G
  24. And this, from the SteppIR folks. If your antenna is not mounted at ground level (say.... like the 2nd floor of an apartment complex), then counterpoise lengths are reduced. https://www.wimo.com/download/steppir-radial_systems_for_vertical_antennas.pdf
  25. This is a great chance to shop for used equipment or sell some of your excess equipment. Water, coffee and donuts are free. The location is just below the water tower in Edmond. Here's the actual address. 332 WEST 33 RD EDMOND,OKLA. 73013 Dave
  26. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    That was a fun time! Thanks to all how came out, helped set up, helped tear down, and definitely to those who helped operate! I'd say I'm looking forward to the numbers this year except that I'm not. Propagation was the worst this year of the Field Day events I've attended. But, there were still plenty of stations to put in the log!
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