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  2. Also, due to "unforseen circumstances" the 13 Colonies website is down. Please see the KU2US page on QRZ.com for info on how to get your certificate if you haven't already.
  3. Just saw the totals posted up for the event: TOTAL CONTACTS: 169,884 (+40,091) TOP STATE: K2A/NY 16,092 TOP CLUB: WM3PEN 7679 Q'S TOP SSB/HP: AB1OC/K2K 6409 TOP SSB/LP: KJ3N/K2E 4219 TOP QRP: W1TEF/K2L 1358 TOP CW: AA3B/K2M 4444 TOP DIGITAL: WV3M/K2M 3002 GB13COL-6492 K2Z-4720 169,884 is a whole ton for 13 (or even 16 if you count the 3 bonus stations). Even if you count it as 16 stations, that's still 10,617 contacts per station. That's pretty insane.
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  5. NQ5M

    DX Spotting

    Ham Alert is another good one that Perry N5PJ turned me on to. I find the website is easier for setting up alerts. There's an Android app (not sure about iPhone) that you can use as well. Really flexible for setting alerts. I tried it during the 13 Colonies event, trying to hunt down the last stations I needed. So, alerts for spots for callsign K2Z and mode being CW was easy to setup, and alerts right on my cell phone.
  6. WD5G

    Texoma Hamarama

    Texoma Hamarama is a nice hamfest that is just a couple of hours away from the OKC metro. Here is the link to their website. Web: hamarama.org email: texomahamarama@gmail.com Dave de WD5G
  7. And this, from the SteppIR folks. If your antenna is not mounted at ground level (say.... like the 2nd floor of an apartment complex), then counterpoise lengths are reduced. https://www.wimo.com/download/steppir-radial_systems_for_vertical_antennas.pdf
  8. This is a great chance to shop for used equipment or sell some of your excess equipment. Water, coffee and donuts are free. The location is just below the water tower in Edmond. Here's the actual address. 332 WEST 33 RD EDMOND,OKLA. 73013 Dave
  9. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    That was a fun time! Thanks to all how came out, helped set up, helped tear down, and definitely to those who helped operate! I'd say I'm looking forward to the numbers this year except that I'm not. Propagation was the worst this year of the Field Day events I've attended. But, there were still plenty of stations to put in the log!
  10. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019 images

    Friday night sunset. Beam assembly complete. Your 2019 CW Team: From rear: Jeff WD0GTY, Ed KZ0ZWV , Perry N5PJ, Kyle NQ5M The beam isn't leaning. We're just adjusting the take-off angle 🤣 Jeff setting the station up on Saturday. Note the weather radio on the shelf. The red LED lights give the trailer a cool look.
  11. WD5G

    FIELD DAY 2019


    Field Day setup will begin at 0800L Saturday morning. The site is located in the red pony barn on the Atkinson Heritage Center. It is located on the SW corner of NE 10th St and Midwest Blvd. Talk-in will be on 147.21 +offset and PL 141.3.
  12. NQ5M


    https://alexander.n.se/the-radio-station-saq-grimeton/saq-transmissions/?lang=en Grimeton (call sign SAQ) still transmits a message to the world twice a year: at the Alexanderson Day (Sunday at the end of June/beginning of July) and at Christmas Eve. The frequency is 17,2 kHz CW.
  13. WD5G

    Ham Holiday Hamfest

    Ham Holiday will be held at Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC). This is a new location that will offer a lot more room. Please register at the link below. Ham Holiday 2019 WD5G Dave
  14. We meet at Rose State College off SE 15th Street in Midwest city. The meeting is on Rm 200 of the Business Building. Enter from the West side of the building. We also do VE testing at 0900.
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    We meet at Rose State College off SE 15th Street in Midwest city. The meeting is on Rm 200 of the Business Building. Enter from the West side of the building. We also do VE testing at 0900.
  16. OCAPA 15-JUN-2019 Minutes.pdf
  17. This month's meeting will be back at Rose State College. We will be doing VE testing starting at 9AM following breakfast. The actual meeting will begin at 10AM. The focus of this meeting will be Field Day planning. Talk-in will be on 146.55 MHz simplex for those needing directions.
  18. .Here's another look at balun use. This chart shows which one to use and their placement.This is from LDG and refers to their 1:1 and 4:1 baluns.
  19. An interesting look at counterpoise use with different rated baluns. I don't own any of their products, but it's an interesting look at the subject. https://www.balundesigns.com/content/Wire Lengths for 4 and 9-1 ununs.pdf
  20. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    Also wanted to toss this out for consideration. Rules: http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Field-Day/2019/2019-Field-Day-Packet-Complete.pdf 3.1.Class A and B (see below) stations that do not begin setting up until 1800 UTC on Saturday may operate the entire 27-hour Field Day period. 3.2. Stations who begin setting up before 1800 UTC Saturday may work only 24 consecutive hours, commencing when on-the-air operations begin. 3.3. No class A or B station may begin its set-up earlier than 0000 UTC on the Friday (Thursday afternoon or evening local time) preceding the Field Day period. Cumulative set-up time shall not exceed a total of 24 hours. Event starts at 1800 UTC/ 1300 CDT Saturday. In my short time as a member, we started setup on Saturday morning around 0800. This is before 1800 UTC listed in rule 3.1, which puts us at 24 hours of operation per rule 3.2. So, that means that we could start setting up Friday afternoon (rule 3.3) if we have access to the site. This would give us some extra time to sort out the inevitable issues that crop up, and potentially have some testing Friday night to check for interference. Thoughts?
  21. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    Current plan is to use Jeff WD0GTY's trailer for CW operations, and park in the parking area west of the Red Barn. Jeff has generators to support the trailer. This provides 170 feet of distance to the private residence to the northeast of the trailer (northwest of the Red Barn), and a buffer of nearly 400 feet to the residences to the west of the trailer for noise. One of the cool parts of ham radio is experimenting with ideas. Jeff is curious about using a 3-element beam for 10/15/20 attached to the trailer, with an elevation of about 25 feet on military mast attached to the trailer. We were able to complete some proof of concept work today. One concern is how the metal of the trailer may affect the signal. We are also planning to utilize an 80m OCFD antenna, oriented as shown in the picture. The current plan is to have the feedpoint at approximately 40 feet on military mast, and the long leg of the OCFD oriented northwest. The distance from the CW trailer to the north end of the Red Barn is approximately 320 feet. Dave WD5G had mentioned the possibility of using AREDN to link the trailer with the Red Barn. In reviewing imagery from Google Maps Streetview and Google Earth, we have confirmed two overhead electrical hazards in our area. Those have been marked on the diagram. There are utility poles in the area as well, but we can't tell from the imagery if these have overhead lines attached or if they are simply streetlights with underground electrical distribution. I've marked those as well. If you have any ideas, comments or concerns, please advise.
  22. WD5G

    HamCom in Plano, TX

    Here's a great hamfest that's not too far from OKC. Several of us will be attending this year. HamCom 2019 Dave de WD5G
  23. OCAPA 18-MAY-2019 Minutes.pdf
  24. The guys up in the Tulsa area that run the conversion between protocols have had some equipment failures recently. I would keep trying it and if you have a Yaesu Fusion radio or a D-Star radio, you might test the link by seeing if you hear yourself on either YSF or D-Star. I sometimes hear someone on the local OKC 443.275 Wires-X/YSF repeater attempting to use what sounds like DMR. Is that you possibly. Dave de WD5G
  25. NQ5M

    Field Day 2019

    This material was assembled by Lucien Jones after Saturday's meeting. Per our meeting Saturday at the Atkinson Heritage Center, I have created map and floor plan sketches of what we came up with. After the meeting, some of us stayed around to meet with Cindy Mikeman when she came to lock the place up. Two things were changed per that conversation. 1. The CW trailer will be located further south to respect the private space of the folks who reside in the large house on the north side (see drawing). 2. We initially planned to park the generator/trailer on the north end of the red barn building at the east end of the paved drive. But to mitigate noise for the private residence, it was decided to roll the trailer around the corner on the east side of the red barn building (see drawings). I made the drawings and ran them by Dave, and after making some adjustments per my conversation with Dave a short time ago, I am forwarding them to y’all.
  26. I got on the TGIF network and went to Oklahoma link and it was silent. Is there a net at a scheduled day and time to check into?
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