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  2. I got on the TGIF network and went to Oklahoma link and it was silent. Is there a net at a scheduled day and time to check into?
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  4. NQ5M

    OCAPA Club Meeting

    Club meeting and site visit for Field Day in June. Atkinson Heritage Center, 1001 N. Midwest Boulevard; Midwest City
  5. OCAPA 20-APR-2019.pdf
  6. OCAPA 16-MAR-2019 Minutes.pdf
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  8. WD5G

    All Hams Dinner

    It's the May "All Ham Club Dinner" at the Hibachi Supreme Buffet, South I-240 Service Road, May 16th @ 6:30 PM, SCARS is this month's sponsor. Mike Rockey, KE5EQC will present a wrap up on the 2019 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.
  9. I have decided Amy and I are not going so we have 2 tickets if anyone would like them. FREE
  10. This is Net Control for the Memorial Marathon at the EARS Club station in Edmond. Pictured is KM5GZ (Bob), WD5G (Dave) and KG5FBN (Richard). Thanks EARS and Bob for allowing us to have the Marathon Net Control at your station.
  11. http://www.13colonies.net/ This is fun event to try for a "clean sweep". Special 1x1 calls for the 13 original US colonies (K2A thru K2M) with 2 bonus stations (WM3PEN in Philadelphia, and GB13COL in England). You do not need the bonus stations to qualify for a clean sweep. Shortwave Listeners (SWL) can also earn the certificate. Certificate is $5.
  12. https://70aniversario.ure.es/ 14 special calls to chase with the "AM70" prefix. Contacts can be made using any mode or band from 160 meters to 6 meters with the 14 different AM70 special stations. The suffixes of the 14 special stations are each one of the letters of the URE in Spanish, except the one with the letter "Ñ" which will be replaced by the URE headquarters special station AM70URE. And so, the 14 special station callsigns are: AM70URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles) also AM70URE/6 (Balearic Islands), AM70URE/8 (Canary Islands), AM70URE/9 (Ceuta and Melilla) AM70A, AM70C, AM70D, AM70E, AM70F, AM70I, AM70L, AM70N, AM70O, AM70P, AM70R, AM70S y AM70U Certificates start at just 6 contacts! Silver = 6 AM70 stations Gold = 6 AM70 stations, on each of 3 different bands (18 QSO's) Platinum = 10 AM70 stations on each of 3 different bands (30 QSO's) They are working lots of bands & modes. I've seen them being worked on FT8, and I've seen them spotted on SSB. I've squeaked out one CW contact thus far. And if you don't have HF privileges, you can participate as a shortwave listener!
  13. Ever have the yearning to attend Hamvention in Dayton/Xenia??? Here's your chance!! Darell, WA3OPY, Ron, KC5QCV and myself will be traveling to Hamvention in May and we have room for a fourth traveler. We will depart on Wednesday, 15 May and arrive that evening; attend Contest University (optional) on Thursday 16 May; Hamvention on Friday and Saturday, 17/18 May; and return on Sunday, 19 May. We divide expense four ways, i.e. gas, car rental and lodging. We have reservations at the Hawthorne Suites in North Dayton. Meals and Hamvention/CTU admission are individual expenses. Ya gotta go to Hamvention at least once, so here's your chance. Contact Tom, WA9AFM at wa9afm@arrl.net for more info. Tom, WA9AFM/5
  14. AA5KD

    QSL Cards

    Got mine from QSLpostcards.com
  15. Where do you get yours? I got my first batch from CheapQSLs. For the money, it's hard to beat. Nothing fancy. $9.99 for 100 cards. Since I moved, the address & grid was wrong. Oops. So, new ones ordered from KB3IFH. Decided to go with a nicer, full color photo version. Randy and I had several e-mails back & forth, working on small details about the cards. 100 cards is $61 including shipping ($50 for the cards, $11 for UPS). You can find templates on line for Microsoft Word and do it yourself.
  16. NQ5M


    Has anyone tried this app? SMS2CW. Grabs text messages as they hit your phone, and converts them to CW. https://sms2cw.en.aptoide.com/?fbclid=IwAR0JG8zuTQRCY0ilq4kdGPmdhI-nM_CLQauF68rtQ6LB7ROpswxf8M8LynY
  17. Did anybody get lucky and catch one over April 1 or 2? I listened on April 2 but never heard them. But, I did sleep in after insomnia with a 1am deal at work. There's supposed to be another SSTV event coming up later this month. From http://ariss-sstv.blogspot.com/2019/ The next big event will be the ARISS SSTV event that starts Thursday, April 11 about 18:00 UTC and will be operational until about 18:00 UTC on Sunday, April 14. Since this event will run continuously for 72 hours, folks in the higher latitudes should have a pretty good chance to receive all 12 of the images. Operators in the mid latitudes should be able to get most of them depending on location.
  18. Please note that the Brandmeister DMR talk group 31403 has been deleted. This was the Oklahoma Link DMR group that was linked into the Oklahoma Link mesh. There is still an Oklahoma Link DMR talk group, but it is on the TGIF network, rather than the usual Brandmeister network. Contact me or Duane if you need additional information. Dave de WD5G
  19. There is an International Space Station thing coming up April 1-2. You can learn more over in the Amateur Satellites forum. There's free software for Android (probably Apple iOS as well, I just don't use that platform) that will listen to the audio from your radio and convert the SSTV (slow scan TV) data stream into an image. I've never done SSTV stuff, so I may be giving it a try. Dave WD5G gave a presentation on the software at a recent club meeting.
  20. Well, I'm finally listening to something more than repeaters doing station IDs and telling me what time it is. I believe it's the W5PAAA repeater on 146.985 and it's about 9:12 this Thursday evening. I believe it is a talk net. some of the discussion appears to be about propagation, and someone said something about the international space station holding some sort of Ham event soon. Maybe NQ5M is right and I was just listening at the wrong times of the day This gives me a bit of hope of having someone to talk to
  21. Hi Charles! As I understand it, the hot times for most of the repeaters are during the morning & afternoon commutes. I know OCAPA has a net on Thursday nights at 7:30pm, and EARS in Edmond has one on Monday nights at 8pm. I don't spend much time on 2m. I'm in a company vehicle during the week, so no way to install a permanent radio. I have taken my HT and used a mag mount antenna before, and experimented a little with DMR (which needs no external antenna). Hopefully some of the other guys will chime in as well. Welcome aboard!
  22. Hi, I'm Charles KE5YFW. I've had my General license since 2008, but I've never used it to transmit in the whole time I've had it and I just renewed a while back. I did the tech and general licenses the same day. I took the Tech course through the FAA group at the police/fire training center and studied the general stuff through online training. I would have tried the extra class the same day, as I had been studying online, but the examiners did not bring the correct forms for the test, I probably would not have passed the extra anyway as I had only been studying for a while, but I was game to try. I was thinking about getting in and getting my feet wet, finally, by getting a little 2 Meter or dual band HT. However II've been looking looking at the waterfall display from 144 to 148 on my little receive only SDR and the activity is underwhelming. I.m wondering if it will even be worth it to get the HT if there are so few people to talk to. Are there bands where there is more activity than 2 Meter or is radio just dying off around Okc? Thanks
  23. Looks like another opportunity coming! R4UAB reports SSTV images will be transmitted from ISS Russian Service Module 145.800 MHz FM using Kenwood TM-D710 & PD-120. Expected between 1400-1900 GMT on Monday and Tuesday, April 1 and 2. http://ariss-sstv.blogspot.com/2019/
  24. until
    Meets on the OCAPA Yaesu Fusion repeater on 443.275. Be sure to use the DN mode on your radio. This is linked into the Oklahoma Link, so you can participate via other modes too.
  25. WD5G


    Meets on Talk group 3140 aka OK State at 2015 each Monday evening.
  26. https://dilbert.com/search_results?terms=Ham+Radio
  27. SOTA is a lot of fun! There are two roles: activators and chasers. Activators carry their gear to designated mountain peaks. You can work any band, any mode with the exception that you cannot use repeaters to make contacts. However, you can use the repeater to ask people to switch over to a simplex frequency and make contacts! If you make 4 valid contacts, you get to claim the points for the mountain. But you can only claim points for a designated summit once in a calendar year. Chasers usually sit at home, in the comfort of their shack and watch the SOTA spotting website and try to work activators. If you log a valid contact, you get to claim the points for the mountain. CW is very popular, even slow speed. I've worked stations at 8-10 words per minute. And, activators will gladly slow down to your speed. Most exchanges are very basic - signal report and state. 3 digits, 2 letters. CW is very popular because it is much more efficient at low power than SSB. Kyle NQ5M
  28. The CWOPS Newsletter for March 2019 has a very nice writeup of SOTA. Rules, methods, gear, etc etc. Here is the link: https://cwops.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/solid-copy-2019.03.1.pdf Doug W5FN
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