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North American QSO Party CW


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Event details

1800Z, Jan 12 to 0559Z, Jan 13

Rules can be found HERE

Geographic Focus: North America
Participation:    Worldwide
Awards:    North America
Mode:    CW
Bands:    160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
Classes: Single Op (QRP/Low), Multi-Two (Low)
Max operating hours:    Single Op: 10 hours, Multi-Two: 12 hours

Max power:    
LP: 100 watts
QRP: 5 watts

Exchange:    NA: Name + (state/DC/province/country)
non-NA: Name
    Work stations:    Once per band
     QSO Points:    NA station: 1 point per QSO
non-NA station: 1 point per QSO with an NA station

Multipliers:    Each US state and DC (including KH6/KL7) once per band

Each VE province/territory once per band
Each North American country (except W/VE) once per band

Score Calculation:    Total score = total QSO points x total mults
Submit logs by:    0559Z January 18, 2019
E-mail logs to:    (none)
Upload log at:   http://www.ncjweb.com/naqplogsubmit/
Mail logs to:    
Chris Hurlbut, KL9A
1733 E. Broad Ave.
Spokane, WA 99207



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