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  • Club Repeaters - Open To The Public

    OCAPA Currently Operates 2 VHF and 2 UHF Repeaters

    Repeater locations for beam heading purposes when applicable:
    146.820 NW 38th Terr. and Lincoln Blvd.
    147.210 Interstate 35 and S.E. 66th Street
    443.275 Interstate 35 and S.E. 66th Street
    444.300 To be announced

    Repeater  Output  Input  CTCSS  Trustee  Sponsor  Type
     W5MEL  146.820  146.220  151.4  AA5KD  OCAPA  Analog FM
     W5MEL  147.210  147.810  141.3  AA5KD  OCAPA  Analog FM
     W5MEL  443.275  448.275  141.3  AA5KD  OCAPA  Digital Yaesu System Fusion w/ Wires-X and Analog FM
     W5MEL  444.300  449.300  141.3  AA5KD  OCAPA  Analog FM
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